5 Must Have Resources For Organizing Your Schedule and To-Do List

My Favorite Resources for Schedule Organization and Tackling Massive To-Do Lists

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It’s the back-to-school season! I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia, or because I now work in a middle school – but I really do love this season. Give me all the new notebooks, pens, and planners!

But seriously, today I am sharing my top five most used resources that help to keep my schedule on track and helps me cross things off of my to-do list. I mean, who doesn’t want to be more productive?!

Passion Planner

I have tried NUMEROUS planners over the years. I have finally found one that meets all my requirements: ample space to write out my lists, a pocket in the back, goal setting each month, blank pages in the back for my random ideas and for every planner purchased, one is given to a someone in need. The Passion Planner is hands-down the best overall EVER.

Notion App

This is a free app that is easy to use across all platforms – laptop, phone and online. Before I was bouncing between other note-taking apps and none quite worked well for me.

Google Calendar

Another free resource that can be a game-changer if you use it the right way! I create different calendars for work, personal, and fitness. Each is a different color. The key to Google Calendar is to SHARE with the most important people in your life. Think partner, parents, and close friends. They will be able to see when you’re busy and not have to always ask you! It’s a win-win for everyone.

A timer

I know that you have a timer on your cell phone, so no need to purchase one. Setting a timer for tasks on my to-do lists helps me to be much more productive and focused. I typically set a timer on my phone and then leave my phone in another room while I complete the task to limit distractions. I’d also recommend turning your notifications off if you really want to get down to business! This is how I plan out my barre classes, create playlists, clean the bathrooms, etc. When the timer goes off, give yourself a little break. Taking breaks has been shown to increase productivity immensely!

Headspace App

This might be a bit surprising to include on the list, but I truly feel that since I have started meditating on a daily basis (I’m talking 5-10 minutes people! Not hours!) I have been more productive and clear with my goals. The Headspace App has been an amazing addition to my morning routine. You can try it for free for 14 days using HERE!

These are just five of my organizational tips. I’ve created a whole list of FREE organizational resources just for you (including my weekly cleaning schedule and my morning routine example!).

You can download the full list HERE.

Happy organizing!



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