7 Tips for Barre Newbies!

I believe that barre classes should be accessible to everyone.

Whether you are new to fitness or an experienced athlete, barre is a great workout to add to any fitness regimen.

Each of my barre classes combines strength training, low-impact cardio and the mind-body connection. You can learn more about the format of classes here.

1. The first class may be a whir-wind and slightly overwhelming. Stick with it!

Transitions between choreography & exercises are kept short & sweet to keep your heart rate up and to fit a whole body workout into just 55 minutes! The more you get to know the exercises by name and become familiar with class format, the easier the transitions will become.

2. Arrive a few minutes early.

Arriving early will allow the instructor to say hi, check in about any injuries and get you set up with the correct equipment. Usually, this includes a mat, a set of weights, a strap/tube and a ball.

3. Bring socks, a water bottle & wear long pants or leggings.

Socks during barre class not only keep your feet warm but if they are sticky socks will give you extra grip during class. Some of the positions done in barre involve leg lifts and you will want to wear long pants that you feel comfortable in (not shorts!).

4. Begin with the lightest set of weights.

Until you have become familiar with barre arm sequences & format, I recommend starting with either no weights or the lightest set of weights. This allows you to focus and learn proper alignment to perform exercises safely!

5. There is barre specific terminology.

I wrote a blog post about the language of barre – you can find that here.

6. An inch is really an inch.

Barre focuses on micro-movements that create macro-results. When the instructor says “pulse” or “inch” – they really mean it! Try to make your movements focused, small, and controlled.

7. You’ll probably be sore!

Yay! You did it- you completed your first ever barre class! Hopefully, you worked your muscles to fatigue & reached your shake point, which means that your muscles will feel sore in the days following. Make time for some self-care, stretching, and relaxation to recover. My favorite recovery smoothie recipe can be found here.



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