A Healthy Summer Treat – Banana Ice Cream!

Summer is right around the corner! Although it’s been a wet and chilly spring here in Vermont, we have had a few lovely warm days that have left me excited for the upcoming months.

I love love, love ice cream. It is one of my favorite treats. Black raspberry creemee in a waffle cone?! YES, please! My favorite spots for creemees in Vermont are Rocky’s in Essex Junction and Burlington Bay!

While I was in college, I spent my summers working at a small but very popular ice cream stand called Tim & Doug’s. It is still one of my favorite jobs to date! The girls and I would pick our favorite radio station, turn up the music and scoop more ice cream than you can imagine. We would see our high school friends and reconnect, family members and welcome new faces to town who were visiting. I even spent the Fourth of July in the ice cream shop – that night we took a quick break (it was super busy!) and ran into the closed street just in time to catch the fireworks. I have a lot of fond memories surrounding my time at Tim & Doug’s.

Although I could eat ice cream every day, my body would not be too happy with me. So that’s why I am sharing the second best thing; homemade banana ice cream bowls! These are so scrumptious , and I love that I can tailor them to suit whatever I am craving. It is my favorite treat on hot summer days. The best part is that there are only THREE ingredients! You can add any additional fruit to the blend for endless options.

Here are three flavor combinations I love:

-Strawberry-Coconut: just add strawberries & coconut extract

-Blueberry: just add blueberries

-Chocolate: just add cocoa powder

Banana Ice Cream Bowls are even better with a friend!

We topped the blueberry bowl with homemade granola for extra crunch.

For all the chocolate lovers out there – we used cocoa powder in the mix and topped with cocoa nibs, chia seeds, granola, and coconut flakes.

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