The Best Barre Socks

I highly recommend wearing sticky stocks to barre class. They keep your toes warm & help to keep you from slipping. Here are a few of my favorites!


Let me start by saying – I have small feet. Finding sticky socks that actually fit me and weren’t too baggy was key. Shashi brand is available in size extra small – which is perfect for me! I also love that their material isn’t too thick. I can still feel the floor beneath me while wearing these socks, and they provide excellent traction. No slipping when wearing these! I  love the mesh tops on my Shashi socks, perfect for a sweaty barre class. I order mine on Amazon!

Sticky Be

Not only are these socks comfortable and fitted – but they come with inspirational messages! I love the Sticky Be brand. Their mission is “to support you in being completely, authentically and happily you!” They also donate socks to moms who have babies in the NICU (where I work as a nurse!) and other organizations.

Other good options:


I love everything Lululemon, but unfortunately, the lulu sticky socks only come in one size and they are a bit too big for me! They do have excellent grip and are nice and warm for those of you who may have cold feet!

Tavi Noir

Tavi Noir socks are advertised as “sporty with a sense of style”. They come in different lengths, slip-on, ankle and knee-length. I have tried their Maddie grip socks. Although they aren’t my favorite, they still worked well for grip and comfort. Unfortunately, they didn’t hold up in the wash!

Not For Me

Toe Sox

Although cute, this brand and style is not for me. I despised having my individual toes positioned into the little holes! A lot of people really like them though! These socks are sold at Athleta and Amazon.

See you at the barre!



P.S. None of this is sponsored – just my honest thoughts and opinions!

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