Favorite Workout Blogs & Resources

// Tone It Up

Tone It Up (aka TIU) is close to my heart. I started following this fitness program in college, when “working out” was totally new to me. It has taught me a lot! TIU was started by two amazing women – Katrina and Kat – who continue to inspire their thousands of followers each day. TIU sends a very positive message and promotes self love. Currently, I use their TIU Studio app. The app requires a yearly subscription, and with it comes hundreds of workout videos of every kind – from weights, HIIT, yoga, kickboxing to barre. You can choose which video you’d like, or you can follow their weekly workout plan and daily moves! The daily moves are 4-5 exercises that pair well with their daily workout video. I love the variety, positive messages, and community aspects of TIU.

// Lauren Gleisberg 

When I’m in the mood for more gym and weight centered workouts – I head over the Lauren Gleisberg’s page. I love Lauren’s “Fitmas” program. It is fun to do around the holidays! She also has some great healthy recipes and lifestyle tips. The best part about Lauren’s workouts are that they are usually 30 minutes or less. She truly values time and knows that everyone has busy schedules. Her workouts are quick, effective and WILL make you sweat!

// Pure Barre 

Having a dance background makes me appreciate connecting movements to music, and when I discovered Barre I knew I’d be hooked for life. Barre is such a fun and effective workout. After college I found Pure Barre in Burlington, VT and have been hooked ever since. Luckily, even if you don’t live near a Barre studio, Pure Barre offers On Demand classes you can do from home!

If you’ve never heard of Barre before, here’s some awesome information on it from another fun studio – Barre & Soul. 

What are some of your favorite workout and fitness programs?!




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