Homemade Coconut Lime Scones

Self-Care Saturday

Self-Care: Noun; The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health

This past week took a lot out of me, both physically and mentally. Pursuing my passions and working full time as a nurse doesn’t always allow me to put myself first, and my body was telling me to slow down. I was feeling re-energized after taking the time to enjoy coffee with my friends after barre class. While chatting, we brought up the topic of self-care. I love that self-care is becoming more of the ‘norm’ and that my friends and I encourage each other to put ourselves first. We decided to dedicate a whole day to self-care, and here is what it looked like for us:

  1. Manicures

  2. Baking

  3. Girl-time

  4. Wine

  5. Photography

Here is the BEST scone recipe from Casey’s kitchen! You will 100% need to try this!

We thought that adding some Vitamin C to our drinks was a great idea, since my husband and I were feeling a little under the weather. Citrus is never a bad idea. I love how vibrant fruit is, and is a great way to add color to your life! We sliced ours and placed it into a large glass container for a refreshing-infused beverage.

Photography is a passion of mine, and Casey was kind enough to let me capture our afternoon together.

Trader Joes for the win! We love this Cinsault-Syrah wine for the summer months. These wine glasses are from Anthropologie, and were a favorite gift from my bridal shower!

My favorite nail salon in Burlington is Coco Nailspa. They are so kind, welcoming, very prompt and clean! I highly recommend!!

We couldn’t wait to try our recipe. They smelled divine!!


I hope this inspires you to carve out time in your busy schedules for self-care. Comment below with your favorite self-care activities.



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