How to Care for your Barre Socks

Sticky socks are always in my bag! They are perfect for barre classes – not only are socks more hygienic than bare feet but sticky socks help with balance, grip and keeping your toes warm!

Sticky socks are more expensive than normal socks, so taking care of them to make sure they last a long time is important.

1. Read the label

when you first purchase a new pair of socks, read the washing and care label

2. Turn inside out

when washing sticky socks, turn them inside out. This protects the grip on the bottom and cleans the sweaty, inside part!

3. Wash on cold, gentle cycle

it’s okay to throw your socks in the washing machine. I mean, who has time to hand wash things?! I sure don’t! Just be sure that you are using cold water temperatures, hot water can make them shrink and damage the grips.

4. Air dry

Air drying sticky socks keep them soft & the grip intact. I like to use a drying rack.

5. Wear socks during class only

I’ve seen many barre clients slip their shoes on over sticky socks on their way out the door. Although it’s tempting and you may be in a rush, taking your sticky socks off after class and reserving them for class-time only will extend the life of your socks immensely!

Curious about which sticky socks are best? Check out my favorite brands here!



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