How To Create A Morning Routine

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By now you’ve probably heard that a morning routine has lots of benefits. A morning routine sets the tone for the whole day. When I transitioned into my job as a school nurse with a regular Monday through Friday schedule, I began exploring and creating a morning routine. Personally, I thrive off of routines and am a big advocate for them.

Here are a few benefits that I have personally experienced since creating and implementing my morning routine:

  1. stress reduction

  2. increased productivity

  3. better self-care

  4. feeling more grounded

These are the exact steps I took to create a morning routine that works for me:

Journal it Out

Whip out your journal and start brainstorming! You can even close your eyes and visualize the future you. What would you love to do most in the morning?

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. How do I want to my body to feel?

  2. What is one thing that brings me joy in the morning? (for me it is making a latte!)

  3. How much time do I want my routine to take?

  4. What time will my alarm go off?

  5. Do I want to be alone or include loved ones?

  6. What room will I be in?

  7. What will I wear? (I like to get dressed, but on the weekends I stay in my PJs!)

  8. What items are included (for me it is a special mug, a journal, and my favorite pens)

Once you have your brainstorm list of ideas, write a list (in order!) of what your morning routine will be like and pick a day you’d like to start.

Share Your Routine

As soon as I decided to try a regular morning routine, I shared it with my husband. Not only did this keep me accountable, but it set some expectations and understanding. I like to make my bed in the morning. I wanted my husband to know that making my bed was important to me and why. Not only did this help me feel supported in my morning routine, but kept me accountable. If you don’t have a partner to share it with, try connecting on social media! Post about your morning routine on Instagram stories, or check in on my facebook page!

Be Realistic

Baby steps are still steps! Change takes time. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself grace as you try to make changes to your everyday activities. If something isn’t working, ditch it! Just because you see other people drinking lemon water in the AM, doesn’t mean you have to too.

Simple = Effective

Your morning routine doesn’t have to be fancy or take a lot of time! In fact, my morning routine is about 20 minutes long. When I started, it was 10 minutes long. Work with what time you have. A morning routine should ADD to your life and self-care, not subtract from it.

Make It Exciting

Use an alarm sound that is energetic, happy and brings you joy. For example, my brother’s alarm is the Lion King theme song. How can you go wrong there?! If you are excited for your morning routine and a little alone time, it won’t be difficult to wake up for it.

Prep for Success

Before I go to bed each night, I try to choose my outfit for the following day. This leaves me with one less decision in the morning and helps my morning flow easier. Another thing that I do to prepare for a great start to the day is keep my journal, planner and mug all in one spot. These items are easily accessible and I never have to search for them.

Finding your groove involves trial and error, so don’t be afraid to change things up until it feels like you!

Ideas To Get You Started

  1. Drink a glass of water or tea.

  2. Make your bed.

  3. Meditate – I love this app.

  4. 5 Minute Journal Entry

  5. 5 minutes of an Inspirational Read (my favorites are here)

  6. 10 minute walk around the block

  7. Mindfully make a cup of coffee

  8. Sit in silence

  9. Review your planner & set goals for the day

  10. Dry brush before taking a shower

  11. 10 minute tidy of the house or room

  12. Movement (this could be gentle yoga or a workout!)

After about a year, I’ve finally nailed my perfect morning routine. You can find it here!

That being said, morning routines aren’t for everyone and that is okay too. It’s all about exploring things to create the best version of yourself.

I’m curious – do you have a morning routine? What does it involve?!



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