New to Barre Class? What to Expect!

// What is Barre?

Barre is a full-body workout technique inspired by ballet, yoga & Pilates. Barre focuses on low-impact, high intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone your body.

Each class is broken down into different sections; a dynamic warm up, weight work, thighs, glute work, core. The muscles in each group are worked and fatigued with small movements.  The more focus that is given to each micro movement – just “one inch” – the more muscle fibers are recruited, which in turn leads to change in the body.  Each section is followed by targeted stretching to help increase flexibility.

Classes are typically 50-55 minutes in length and choreographed to up-beat, fun music!

// What to Wear

Wear leggings that you feel comfortable & confident in, along with a t-shirt or tank top. You’ll also have the option to wear stick stocks (which I highly recommend!). Sticky socks retain your body heat, prevent cold tootsies, and most importantly prevent your feet from sliding during the exercises. You can find a list of my favorite socks here!

// What to Bring

The equipment needed for class will be provided for you at the studio. Just bring a water bottle, your personal yoga mat if desired,  and a smile!

// When to Arrive

Arriving 5-10 minutes prior to the class start time is always ideal. If you’re a first time client, you’ll fill out a short waiver and the instructor will help you find a spots & get set up for class with the correct equipment. Equipment includes a light set of hand weights, a ball, a mat and sometimes sliders or resistance bands.

// Pregnant?! Can I still Attend Class?

Yes! Please inform the instructor on arrival so that they may make appropriate modifications. It is also required to obtain clearance from a medical doctor to exercise while pregnant.

See you at the barre!!



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