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I was feeling a bit … “blah” about the whole cleaning thing. It felt like no matter how much I scrubbed our home was still missing some sparkle and freshness. I didn’t enjoy the products I was using, they gave me headaches and smelled awful. So – I decided I needed to make a change!

I stumbled across a site – The Grove Collaborative – that I’ve fallen in love with! After reading their mission statement – I knew I was in EXACTLY the right place!

I love that the company was started by three friends who wanted to sustain healthy and beautiful homes. That’s just what I am hoping to do! I love that each product has many reviews, a full ingredient list, and suggestions on how to use the products. And lastly, I love the fact that all of the products are safe for both our physical health and the health of the environment.

I placed an order and eagerly awaited my package. I joked with my husband and told him that my “Christmas box” was coming. I was referring to it as the Christmas box because the excitement I felt was similar to that of Christmas morning when I was little. I feel a little silly admitting that about cleaning products – but what can I say I am passionate about creating a cozy home!

Below are some of the products I ordered. And yes, I tried ALL of the products this weekend. My house has never been cleaner! I feel that the sparkle I was missing is back – and it smells delicious.

The Walnut & Cellulose Scrubber Sponge

This worked wonderfully in the kitchen. You can also easily sanitize the sponge by tossing it in the dishwasher. Super convenient – no more stinky sponges.

Method AntiBac Bathroom Cleaner

My bathrooms smell fresh of spearmint! The microfiber cleaning cloth was another great find – not leaving any residue.

Grove’s All-Purpose Castile Soap

100% organic and extremely versatile. I used it on my kitchen floor and counters but you can also use it as a face wash, body wash, or to make your own cleaning spray.

Mrs. Myers All-Purpose Spray.

My very favorite product, hands down. You can use in so many ways, it smells yummy – and really does get surfaces clean.

Click HERE if you’re as excited about cleaning as I am – you’ll also get a Mrs. Myers gift set. Happy Cleaning!!


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