The Proposal

// September 28, 2017 

When I arrived home from work on a random Thursday afternoon in September 2017, I found pretty potted plants scattered throughout our home! Sunflowers were on the table too, which are one my favorites. All of our laundry had been done, and dishes put away! It had been my first day at a new job and I was totally caught up in the whirlwind that comes along it. The unusual details didn’t really trigger my curiosity – Jonathan is so good about sweet gestures and flowers & cleaning wasn’t completely out of the norm for him.

He had cooked us a salmon dinner, but (thinking back) didn’t eat one bite of it. I was instructed to get dressed for an “outside activity”. This also isn’t terribly unusual for us – we often go for walks after dinner.

Jonathan drove me to a local reservoir, called Indian Brook. The autumn leaves were in full swing – oranges and yellows popping through the green trees. We have many memories with family and friends here, and it is our go to spot of a quick outdoors fix. He pulled out a picnic basket filled with chocolate and Vermont wine. We took the walking path around the water and set up a picnic to watch the sunset. After finishing his glass of wine, he pulled me up to my feet. At that moment I started to realize what was happening, and couldn’t believe it! He got down on one knee and asked the question I’ve been dreaming of since the day we met.

I can’t remember exactly what my initial reaction was, but it involved a big “YES!”, crying, laughing, hopping in circles, kissing and giggling with excitement. I was so surprised and overjoyed. It was the most perfect moment, and will forever be one of my most cherished memories.

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