"Danielle is such a supportive, motivating, and knowledgeable barre instructor. Her classes are a highlight of my week! Her classes provide a targeted workout that is equally fun and challenging. Danielle offers new choreography each class (I went 4 times during one week so can attest to this), with helpful adjustments and modifications for safe placement and technique."

-Katie A. 

" The perfect blend of sweat, work, and fun! I was challenged throughout the class and really enjoyed how my body felt after. I reached my shake point multiple times, which is my personal goal of barre classes. I just love feeling my muscles work! Danielle created a very inclusive environment where you don't feel pressure to be perfect. Her energy and smile are infectious, and I can't say enough about this instructor!

-Casey C.

"Danielle is a warm, inviting, and encouraging instructor. She readily offers modifications and hands-on corrections to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Her class itself was challenging (exactly what I'm looking for) with multiple moves pushing me to my shaking point."

-Tori D.

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