Fall Favorites – Delighting the Senses

I wanted to share a few things that I am thoroughly enjoying this time of year!

Sight // “The Universe Has Your Back” – By Gabrielle Bernstein

Such a wonderful book with messages that are applicable to many aspects of life. It’s a great book to keep on your coffee table or nightstand to pick up at any time for inspiration. There is also a set of cards that you can buy separately by Gabrielle Bernstein containing artwork and quotes.

Smell // Essential Oil Diffuser

I purchased an essential oil diffuser from Amazon and keep it in my living room. This one in particular connects to our Amazon Echo – so I can turn it on before coming home from work. I’ve been diffusing Lavender recently, it is very calming to the nervous system.

Sound // Peaceful Piano – Spotify

My husband found this playlist for me. I find it to be great background music. My favorite song on this playlist is “Where is My Love – Piano Solo” by SYML.

Taste // Evolution Ginger Green Kombucha

I’m not a huge fan of bubbly drinks. I’ve tried many different kinds and brands of Kombucha and was convinced it just wasn’t for me. Evolution Kombucha was introduced to me by a friend, and I instantly loved it! I think it has the perfect combination of flavors – not overly sweet or bubbly and the ginger add just the right balance. I love drinking my this out of a wine glass in the evenings. You can find this at Healthy Living.

Touch // Dry Brush

Again – Amazon for the win! I ordered a dry brush and have been using it before showering in the mornings. It feels wonderful on your skin, especially now as we are heading into winter months. Dry brushing has a number of health benefits. It supports the lymphatic system, exfoliates your skin, and cleanses pores. I always try to follow with a moisturizing body lotion.



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“The Universe Has Your Back” – Gabrielle Bernstein

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Essential Oil Diffuser

Dry Brush

Spotify Playlist

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