My Lovely Spice Drawer

I love to organize.

Side note: When I was in elementary school I would go to my friend’s house before ballet lessons each week. We would have a snack, change into our tights and leotards, and if we had extra time my friend would let me organize her room! I was always so excited, I would start by sorting things into piles and then find them “homes”. Categorizing is key! 

Anyways – back to present day – I decided it was time to reorganize my spice drawer. I hadn’t touched it since moving into our home two years prior. When I opened it there were a variety of bottles with different shapes, sizes and colors.

BEFORE (warning – slightly scary!)

I began by emptying the entire drawer. Then I got rid of spices that hadn’t been used in a long time or were expired. I paired duplicates and separated spices that weren’t yet open. I did a little research to educate myself on how best to store spices.


To keep spices fresh they must be protected from two things; light and air. The plastic bottles that many spices are sold in are porous and therefore do not keep them fresh. The glass containers that I purchased are not 100% air tight, but the top screws on firmly and is a huge improvement from prepackaged bottles. Because my spices are located in a closed, dark drawer I was not concerned about getting opaque bottles. However, if you’d rather store you spices on an open shelf or wall rack you can buy stainless steel containers that protect from light.


Storing food items in plastic packaging can lead to exposure of harmful chemicals. This has been linked to adverse health outcomes such as cancer, birth defects, endocrine disruption… the list goes on and on.


  1. Costs an average of 89% less than pre-packaged food

  2. Allows you to buy exactly what you need

  3. It is better for the environment (waste is minimized)!

Having glass refillable bottles also allows you to purchase the amount of spice that you’ll actually use without wasting the rest. Many stores have a bulk spice section – my favorite in Burlington is at Healthy Living. You can even bring your own containers and have them weighed prior to filling!

Lastly, I had fun labeling my spices with a marker on the lids.


I love seeing the different colors and textures, it’s so much prettier!

I realized after that a few spices I use often (cinnamon, turmeric, sea salt etc.) will require larger glass containers – so I am on the hunt for those!

Products I used:

Glass Spice Containers 

Shelf Liner  – makes for easy clean up in your cabinets!

Spice Funnel 

Healthy Living – Vermont

Wish List:

In-Drawer Spice Rack 

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